Thesis Project, Bachelor of Architecture

Spring semester in 2011, University of Seoul, South Korea

Critic Award, 25th Thesis Exhibition for Architecture, Univ. of Seoul. Jun. 2011


Recently, ‘Physical time’ is still exactly the same, but ‘Relative time’ is faster than before. Everything changes and transfers quickly. People don’t get used to this rapid change and there is no time to think at all. There is less communication among people. Furthermore, development of architecture or cities is also influenced by the economic sense. It is unclear that changes are for whom. A dense building forest composed with apartment or shopping center and many electric signs that are closely spaced over the dense buildings are the visible aspects of cities we meet every day. People are exposed to noise of buses, subways and other people, also there are no place to seat. Each apartment is eager to make their own oasis. Places which are able to form public community become rare.


#1 Terminal program is lifted up. One side terminal building can change to be alive if terminal program spreads out all over the land.

#2 Bus circulation and outdoor programs are under of the waiting space. Speedy bus circulation is related with departure, arrival and maintenance spaces, so waiting space can have large space. It is efficient.

#3 Going up, spaces for meditating and thinking appears.


final model photo