1st Heritage Hanok Competition, South Korea

Renovation of the Korean traditional architecture


This site has been a memorable place because Lee Sang who was the most jenious artist and architect lived 100 years ago. The korean traditional architecture, called Han-ok, has many advantages such as sustainability, eco-friendly architecture, and wood materials. Our concept is remaining the spaces of the Han-ok intact and filling an exhibition program in the building, and a kindergarten program is able to make children play in the Ma-dang; the han-ok’s outdoor garden.

Eco-friendly Renovation

The Han-ok, Korean traditional architecture was built by wood materials without any spikes and bonds. And it has natural ventilation systems. Visitors can look not only Lee-Sang’s history but also children playing at outdoor garden. Children have many apportunities to exprience the traditional architecture and outdoor activities. The eco-friendly space can provide children and visitors with fresh air in compact city, Seoul.


Model photo