Memory of space

Docomomo Competition, South Korea

Renovation of the old factory of cigarette




“A dark space of the old factory is full of cigarette smells and faint mechanical sound.  The hazy sun-light from tiny windows on the top of the wall is melted in the dark space.”

When I was a little boy, I have been to the Cigarette Factory. The aroma of Cigarette and the regularly sound of machines is good memory to me. The flavor of Cigarette, regularly sound, sunshine through the window, and high ceiling space. In the factory, machines and labors are mixed in the space. The old generation with this memory have a experience interior space instead of that look.

Memory of Space

How do people remember the buildings and experience the space? It might be the size, the color and the shape of the buildings that dominate people's memory of the building but what we experience is not the building itself but the space inside of it. If one can reproduce the feelings associated with the size of the space, temperature (warmth and coldness), light (brightness and darkness), fragrance (aroma of tobacco) and sound (sound of the tobacco machinery), the functions of the factory that have stopped will revive along with the today's program. Then it can be linked with old generation.


Strategy of Conservation

I imagine the past circulation of workers by supposing the operations of the factory at the past. I preserve past spaces of producing but the space will be re-birth by another new programs such as exhibitions, seminars and performances. We can experience the previous spatial impression. Common use spaces such as hallways and cores which were used as passages, may haven’t be important in terms of quantities of spatial using. By connecting these spaces vertically, preserved spaces(=spaces of producing) will be connected to these opened spaces(=common use spaces) newly. And also the connected spaces will be used for exhibitions, readings and meditation spaces.



Reproducing the experiences with sensitive feeling is the first thing in this project instead of simple facts. 

Touch : It is silent near by Old Chimney. Thanks to Roof garden, this space can be changed that people can meditate calmly. In the factory, the experience of lying on the floor makes us think its value of consevation.

Sight : The elevation window module is thin and long across. It makes interior space like The factory. In the atrium, we can see the small and thin window and sensitive sunshine.

Auditory : Trace the old users. At the glassed floor, they hear the stepping sound instead of regularly machine sound.

Olfactory sense : It is filled with the flavor of flowers, trees now in this plan.