Donghwan Kim

Donghwan Kim is from Seoul, South Korea. He obtained a Bachelor of Architecture in Architectural design from University of Seoul. After five years of studying in the School of Architecture, he began to work as an architectural designer in Chang-jo Architects in Seoul for four years. He returned to school in 2016 to pursue a degree in Master of Architecture with emphasis in Sustainable Design at the University of Texas at Austin.

He worked as a Graduate Research Assistant in the School of Architecture under assistant professor Dr. Juliana Felkner. He focuses on adaptive reuse of abandoned buildings for sustainable development and develops a deeper understanding of urban sustainability.

After graduation at the University of Texas at Austin with Master of Architecture degree in May of 2018, he started working as an architectural designer/ sustainable specialist at CallisonRTKL Washington DC office.

He specifically starts to focus on sustainable design for human comfort and the natural environment, for example, through a facade system for a tower, regenerative architecture, energy efficiency improvements, and public space in cities. He is also interested in travel, photography, and cities.




Work Samples



Southcape resort in Nam-hea, South Korea, 2015 (photo by Jae-hui Jeong)